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How to donate to the
League For Animal Protection

There are many ways to donate.

Click here to donate via paypal

Mail a check payable to LAP, and mail them to

Att: Donations
PO Box 390
Huntington , NY 11743

Attend one of our fundraising events.
Check our calendar

Select The League for Animal Protection as your charity at one of these sites:

Bring supplies to the

Grateful Paw Cat Shelter
104 Deposit Rd.,
Northport, NY 11731
Attn:  donations

Call first for hours, 631-757-4517

Ike We are loving Ike more and more as time goes on.  He is just a gem.

I took him to school yesterday to pick up Claire and we waited at my friend's house near the school.  Some of the kids came over to say hi and he just sat pretty as they all pet him.

I have told many folks about the Huntington shelter.  I attribute so much of Ike's ability to be trained to the volunteers in the shelter.  He walks so pretty and he minds us when told.  One can see that not only did you all love him,  he received training where applicable.  And, you helped me with the transition.

Thanks to all of you!!

"Cooper [formerly Franklin] is doing just fine–he's a wonderful fellow who just loves to play and be loved. He is a loving, very happy dog.

Thank you again for your keen judgment in pairing [my son] Dan and Cooper. You certainly knew what a great dog he is and the potential he had as a devoted pet."

Adrienne R., Little Deer Isle, ME


"The people at LAP were wonderful and the adoption process was quick and easy. We knew we were getting a healthy cat from people who truly cared for him, the staff at LAP asked us a few preliminary questions that assured both parties that Ned was and would be well cared for. LAP even kept in touch to make sure Ned was doing well in his new home. All in all, a great experience. We love Ned very much, he really is one of the family now! King of the castle."
Jackie and Brian

"Mason is awesome. He had been in the shelter for over a year. Every night he sleeps at the corner of my bed. He follows me everywhere in the house. He gets along great with my other cat Tex. He is a pretty cool cat. Anyway I love Mason and wouldn't give him up."

"I have three cats from Grateful Paw and I couldn't have found better cats anywhere. You can tell right away how much the volunteers care for the cats - nice clean rooms where you can sit and get to know the cats before you decide, plenty of food and clean water, vet care (what a relief not having to take a new cat to a vet right away plus the peace of mind knowing they've had their shots) and there are so many friendly cats to choose from! Thank you, Grateful Paw for the three loves of my life!"

"Eight years has gone by, and Sammie is the reigning Queen of our household. We love the shelter, especially how the cats are not caged so you can see how they interact with each other and prospective "parents". We would recommend the shelter to everyone."


A simple way to help yourself, the environment and a charity of your choice is this:

Whenever you go for walks with your dog(s) bring lots of plastic bags. Then pick up redeemable bottles and cans and put them in bags separate from the non-redeemable bottles and cans that you can bring home and add to your own recyclables.

Redeem the bottles and cans and set the money aside. At the end of the year, donate your found money to a worthy cause; you will be amazed how much money is there and how much this simple act can do.

Exercise for you and your pooch, cleaning up the environment and making a donation to a cause you believe in. . .
It doesn't get any better than that!

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