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Trap Neuter and Return (TNR)

Trap Neuter and Return is the most humane way to keep down the population of feral cats and in turn reduce the number of unwanted animals.  A feral cat is a feline who lives outside and is fearful of people.  They have reverted to the wild state of their ancestors and have no interest in living in a house.  All feral cats live outside.  Some live on their own but most live in a colony where there is shelter and easy access to food.  Some feral cats hunt for birds and mice.  Others hang around dumpsters near restaurants or are fed by human caretakers.   

LAP sponsors TNR as a component of the Spay Neuter Program by issuing vouchers to be redeemed at local veterinarians.  The advantages of TNR are that the size of the colony will stabilize, the remaining cats will be healthier, there is less noise from mating and fighting and there is a lower euthanasia rate at the municipal shelter. 

To be eligible for a free voucher, the cat must reside within the Town of Huntington .  Friendly adult cats and kittens with the potential to live in a house are not eligible for this program but may be eligible for discounts.

To find out more, call 631-424-4495 or email TNR@LAPHuntington.org

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Mail a check payable to LAP and mail to

PO Box 390
Huntington, NY 11743
Attn: Spay Neuter

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